Institute of Psychoanalysis, Centre for the Advancement of Psychoanalytic Studies

The Political Mind: The role of the unconscious in political and social life.

2020 Programme


  • May 12 - David Morgan: "Whistleblowers and Dissent: Moral Good Or Self Interest? What are the psychological dimensions of defying a perverse or corrupt authority?"
  • May 19 - John Alderdice: "Devoted Actors - the psychology of fundamentalism and terrorism"
  • May 26 - Sally Weintrobe: "Climate change and the culture of uncare"
  • June 2nd - Phil Stokoe: “The Impact of Power on the Mind of the Politician"
  • June 9th - Josh Cohen: "Psychoanalysis and the Politics of Idleness."
  • June 16th - Bob Hinshelwood: "Reflection or action: Never the twain shall meet"
  • June 23rd - David Bell: "All thats solid melts into air: psychoanalytic reflections on the socio-economic crisis"
  • June 30th - Ruth McCall: "The Psychoanalysis of Exclusion."
  • July 6th - Edgard Sanchez: "Power and the manipulation of the masses. Third world perspectives."
  • July 13th - Michael Rustin: "The Psychology of Neoliberalism"