The Programme

The Political Mind Seminar Series 2016

A series of seminars on psychoanalysis and politics. Individual lectures can be booked at a cost of £20. To book a place, please contact Marjory Goodall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I hope that you’ll join us for what’s set to be a brilliant set of lectures, discussions and debates about the nature of violence, both in the mind and in wider society.  To book your place, click here.

Chair and Seminar Organiser, David Morgan


April 12 - Dr David Bell

The Unease of our time: Contemporary reflections on Freud's 'Civilisation and its Discontents'

April 19 – Mr Philip Stokoe

"Further thoughts on the Impact of Power on the Mind of the Politician"

April 26 - Dr Jonathan Sklar

"The European Unconscious in Traumatic Times: Some Psychodynamics in Hate and Prejudice"

May 3 – Mrs Sally Weintrobe

"Climate Change in the Culture of Uncare"

May 10 – Professor Robert Hinshelwood

"The value of things.  Political alienation and psychoanalytic action."

May 17 – Professor Stephen Frosh

"Psychoanalysis, Colonialism, Racism"

May 24 – Professor Catalina Bronstein

"Working in Fear: Memories of Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis during the Argentinian Dictatorship"


June 7 – Lord John Alderdice


June 14 - Professor Joshua Cohen

"Psychoanalysis, Politics and Indifference'."

June 21 – Dr Margot Waddell

“The Challenge of Change: Psychoanalysis and contemporary culture”

June 28 – Ms Ruth McCall

"Psychoanalysis and Feminism. A Modern Perspective."

July 5 – Professor Michael Rustin

"What's Wrong and What's Right with Money"

July 12 – Professor David Tuckett

“Conviction and Cooperation: Facing the Problems We Can’t Solve by Ourselves”

July 19 - Professor Stephen Groarke

"The antisocial elements in society: psychoanalysis and government."


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